I’m Sarah, I write so you don’t have to. If you have a business, you likely have an online presence, and if you are online, you must have WORDS. Lots of them. Words that people will actually take the time to read. Lucky for you, I am very good at words.

Say goodbye to staring at blank pages and writing subpar blog posts.
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About that bio…

We don’t think of our bio as a conversion tool, but it is.

Your bio is a first step towards building a relationship with a potential client. Gone are the days when we can simply sell someone on low price. You understand your clients want more from you. They don’t just want a product or service, they want an experience.

Chances are, they can get what you have to offer somewhere else, and probably cheaper. Why would they choose you?

As humans we tend to make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Logic says ‘find the best price and fastest delivery’. Um, hello Amazon. Emotion says, ‘I like that person, I think I’ll buy from her’.

How do you convince someone you haven’t even met? With your bio.

That is your first step towards fulfilling your clients desire for connection.

Yet, we often treat it as an after thought. Do some copy and paste from your resume, find an inspirational quote, and say something about your dog. Stitch all that together and…done.

Your potential clients don’t want a half-assed stitched together relationship. They want full-assed, hand sewn, adorned with their initials relationship.

Writing a dynamic bio is an easy way to give that to them.

No matter how fabulous your offer is, they will pass you up if they don’t feel connected to you.

Do you want to see your website copy (copy is all.the.words) through a professional’s eyes? You are in luck, my eyes are for sale. I make the process simple: 1) checkout 2) watch your email 3) I review your website (or whatever you ask me to review) 4) I give you clear suggestions and directions on how to make your written project even better 5) you celebrate all the awesomeness. SIMPLE.

Who are you even talking to?

If we don’t understand our client, they won’t understand why they need our product or service.

I was taking a writing class when this method became clear. I was learning about character sketches — a brief outline of the traits, behaviors, and habits of a character. This class coincided with an assignment I had been given by my business coach. She had asked me to define my ‘ideal client’. Seemed like a simple request until l sat down to do it.

I was completely stumped. Everything I came up with sounded lame. As I sat to practice my character sketch, a thought struck me. What if I did a character sketch for my ideal client? 

Seemed reasonable, at this point they were both made up people, so I gave it a try. I outlined my ideal client’s entire day, from waking to bedtime, including all the other people and places they encountered and what they thought and how they felt about each encounter.

Once I had it written out, it was crystal clear who my ideal client is and how my services fit into their life. Now I could speak to the exact point in their day where my service would make their life better.

Now I have a script that gives me the exact information I need to write blogs, compose emails, and post relevant stuff to social media. You can get this process for free, right up there ↑

Are you sure you don’t want to have a pro take a look at your website or blog?

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