3 Things Everyone Asks About Intuition

I have been teaching people how to use their intuition for many years now, and these are the three most frequently ask questions.

How do I tell the difference between my intuition and my imagination?Where does the information come from?What if my intuition shows me scary or disturbing things?

I have some answers for you.


You won’t, until you try it out. It is common to stand at the cusp of information and think “Yeah, I don’t know about this” — it’s here that most people decide to ignore their intuition. They push it away with the following excuses (see if any of them sound familiar):

  • There’s no way I could know that.
  • That doesn’t make any sense.
  • People with think I am crazy.

If you want to use your intuition on the daily, you must learn to trust it. Here’s a technique to practice that won’t cause any uproar in your life. 

Take a deck of well shuffled playing cards and set them in front of you, face down. Decide what you want to know. Do you want to know what color the card is (black or red)? Or maybe what suit? Or what number? Lay your hand on top of the deck. Hold your question in your mind and listen for the answer. The first answer, not the answer you talk yourself into after you receive the correct answer. I’m willing to bet you are more right than wrong.


This depends on who you ask, but since you’re asking me, here’s my take on it. Everything in and around us is energy. That’s not woo-ji magic, it’s science.

And, that everything has its own energy signature, a specific arrangement of particles that create something — like a red shirt, or a dog, for example. Since we are born of this planet, we are designed to interact with it. Meaning, we are able to interpret the energy signatures that are around us. I think of it as cosmic Googling. There are all these data bits floating around out there that hold information and using our intuitive ability we get to search those data bits to find information we want or need.

Keep in mind, data bits are neutral. They don’t have any human characteristics like discernment or judgement. They don’t interpret what they think you meant to ask, nor does the data withhold information because it decides you are not worthy or because you have not preformed a particular ritual. This means two things, everyone has equal access to the information and we need to be specific with what we ask. Like, really specific.


It could happen. But, you come across scary and disturbing things in your Twitter feed and on the nightly news don’t you? And you survive it, right? You survive it because you have coping skills to deal with what comes your way. The same applies with using your intuition.

As you dive deeper into exploring your intuition, know that you always have free will. Just because you get an intuitive hit to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. You always have a choice.

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