I’m Breaking The Rules

I’ve been wanting to put up a fresh post for a while now, to check in with you all, say hi, and see how you are doing. But, I didn’t have the brain capacity to make sure I had all the things one is supposed to have with a pro blog, like SEO and shit.

So, I put it off. Which I am pretty good at doing.

This morning I thought fuck it. Fuck the rules of good blogmanship, and just write. So, here we are.

How are you? How have you been? Good, I hope. Me? I’ve been super good. You may have heard, I have bought a craft soda company. Now, that definitely was not on my five year plan, but here were are. 😂

It is kind of a cool story though. Sam, my husband, is somewhat of a cigar aficionado. Cigars have complex flavors, and notes, and other things I don’t understand, and are often paired with wine, bourbon, and whisky, because they have notes and some such thing too.

But, you see, Sam is sober. Like, on purpose sober, for over 15 years now. So, pairing in the traditional sense didn’t work for him. On a whim, he started drinking craft sodas with his cigars. Low and behold, he found that there is a YUGE niche for sober cigar smokers. That’s where this story really begins.

Sam and our son, Solie, found a root beer they really liked, but it was only sold on tap. Sam found a business number for Mount Angel Brewing Company and began to call to find out where it was when the growlers needed filled.

One day, when Sam called — because of course he had made friends with the owner by now, because that’s what Sam does best — the owner, ‘Rootbeer Larry’, told Sam he was retiring and selling the company.

Sam looked at me and asked, “Wanna own a soda company?”

I shrugged, “Sure, let’s give it a try.”

Fast foward to now, when I am writing you while breaking all the rules, because my brain is tired, because you see, we don’t know anything about the craft soda business. We are running into this thing fairly blind. In short, we have no fucking idea what we are doing. I suppose that’s another rule broken, I think you are supposed to know what you are doing when you buy a business. 🤷‍♀️

Lucky for us, Rootbeer Larry is showing us the ropes. But, still.

So, now I own a second company, which will be ran by our family. All because we’ve decided to be brave and break some rules.

And, go find Sam on Instagram, you’ll thank me.

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