Relationship Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Honest marketing is about building relationships.

Like any other relationship, you have to put effort into the relationship with your audience. You can’t just sit back and throw out some memes while automating all your posts and articles.

And, you can’t build a relationship with just anyone. Well, I suppose you can. But then you end up with all sorts of digitally transmitted diseases and a strong case of the SPAM. Nobody wants that.

If you don’t want the SPAM, you need to do some work to find your people. I’ve put together a few questions that will help. Answer these completely and thoughtfully.

1. What gets you excited?
Not what is trending or what will make money but what gets your heart racing? Excitement and passion are attractive.

2. Who will share your excitement?
We tend to stick to what is known and familiar, not necessarily what is the most advantageous. I’m sure your Aunt Mable is excited about what you are doing, but is she really your people? Energy begets energy, when you find your people you don’t have to work as hard.

3. Where will you find them?
Where are your people hanging out, both online and in the physical world? What tv shows are they watching? What books are they reading? What groups are they a part of?

4. What story do they need to hear?
Based on your information from question three, you should have a good idea of what matters to your people. Keeping in mind what matters to them, what story do they need to hear? A story of redemption? A story of courage? A story of efficiency?

5. How will you know if you are being effective?
Google Analytics has no metric for relationships. You have to do this all on your own. How will you know if you are building strong relationships with your people?

These five questions can completely define your marketing and reach strategy. With the information you have collected, you now have a clear idea of who your people are, where you find them, and what to say to them in a way that cuts through the noise of daily life. When you speak out of your passion and speak into theirs, you have a captive audience.

Does this feel a bit big? I can help you figure this out. And then I can help you create compelling content your audience won’t ignore.

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