Yes, POC, I am watching you

Last week I sat outside of a Starbucks, drinking my coffee in peace while enjoying the first real sunshine of the Portland Metro area.

The patio door opened and out came a woman wearing a hijab followed by her two young daughters. They were chatting amongst themselves, but about what I don’t know, because they weren’t speaking English.

I immediately began paying more attention to my surroundings than I had five minutes prior. I looked around at the other patrons to see if they were noticing what I was. I felt a little tense.

I’ve noticed this about myself, especially since the election of Donald Trump and thanks to his persistent promotion of ‘American values’ — I’m more wary around POC.

I am wary of the angry white man who might tell her to speak English.

I’m wary of entitled white women who might belittle her in front of her children.

I am wary of violent Americans seeking to do harm to anyone unlike themselves.

I am wary of her beautiful little girls being treated poorly for no other reason than the fact they exist.

I am wary of the viral hatred that so easily flows from the lips of my fellow Americans.

Yes, POC, I have my eye on you. Because my fellow Americans have gone and lost their damn mind. I am not going sit by and to let their narrow-minded hatred go unchecked. It’s the least I can do to help bring forth a world where a woman can wear her hijab and enjoy her coffee and the sunshine with her daughters, just like I am.

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