Why You Want Women in Their 40’s on Your Side

We are a gritty sort.

We were raised on a daily dose of Eazy-E and Nirvana — during a time of relative peace and prosperity.

Participating in the birth of the internet, cell phones, and Napster, cracked our minds open to possibilities never before considered.

No longer were we at the mercy of ‘the man’. We could create, connect, and distribute music, ideas, wealth, and opportunity.

Our culture was one of resistance. The peace and prosperity of our youth freed up our emotional and intellectual capacity so we could build an effective counter-culture.

Then we all got nine to five jobs, a-line hair cuts, and houses in the suburbs — forgetting the energy and angst of our youth.

But we are starting to remember. We are remembering the world we intended to build. We are remembering the fire in our belly kindled by experiencing Rodney King and Columbine.

We are remembering how much opportunity we have, literally at our finger tips. Opportunity to dismantle the status quo. Opportunity to honor our environment. Opportunity to break down racial barriers, lift people out of poverty, heal our sick, and educate our young.

Alongside our remembered opportunity is the wisdom that has come with age and poor decisions around Boone’s Farm, fatter wallets, and ZERO FUCKS to give.

We have zero fucks. And ready to go for broke. We are coming. We are rising. We are organizing. You’d be better on our side than in our way, because in the immortal words of Alice In Chains, I’m sitting on an angry chair.

Here are a few stellar women who are making shit happen.

Dr. Melissa Bird, political activist and public speaker.

Jen McFarland, business strategist.

Allison Kinnear, thought leader on imposter syndrome.

Amber Cook, business coach and founder of HealingWaze.

Who are the women in your life that are changing the world? I want to hear about them.

Regulators mount up.

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