Can We Stop It With the Boss Babes Already?

What is with the surge of boss babes, badasses, and bitches? It’s like someone gave valley girls an urban dictionary.

You do know it’s not necessary to announce that you cuss, right? You either do or you don’t, and I can figure that out by listening to or reading your stuff. “Yeah, I say FUCK.” Well, aren’t you fucking special. Does your mom know?

I know this post is super snarky, but COME ON. Have you met a seriously badass person? You know it as soon as you see them. They radiate that shit. Their very presence tells you who you are dealing with.

As many of you know, I am a fan of words. What many of you may not know is I am super distrustful of words. Words are cheap, easy to come by, and quite meaningless on their own. I skip right over the words coming out of your mouth — instead I listen to your energy. I watch your actions.

That’s where the money is at, energy and action.

What are you doing in life? Are you out there fucking shit up, disrupting the status quo? Are you chasing dreams that are so big most people can’t wrap their minds around them? Are you showing up day after day looking fear in the eye and saying “not today, bitch”? I hope so.

I hope you put your energy into being the person who changes a room simply by being there. I hope you are taking chances and thinking big. I hope you are burning every bridge that will lead you back to places you don’t belong. I hope you are trusting yourself over everyone else.

Because that’s what it is to be a badass. We will see you for what you are, no words required.

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  1. This has been an epidemic for a while. Badass is such an overused term now that when something is truly BADASS I don’t want to say it. And that’s a shame because some things really, truly ARE amazing and worthy of that moniker. Also not a really big fan of other terms like “lady boss,” “boss babes,” etc., because gender has nothing to do with whether you’re a boss (or leader). We need to start acting like it.

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