Why shortcuts hurt you in the long run

Instant gratification repackaged as ‘success hacks’.

As business owners we are bombarded with all the latest ways to get results FAST.

“100 shortcuts to success”

“Six hacks to increase productivity”

“Three ways to scale fast”

“Make your first 10K in 30 days”

All of these promises are in my inbox as we speak. Every shortcut I could ever want is at my fingertips. I can download checklists for days and build a six-figure business while I sleep. Or so they tell me.

Why wouldn’t we want all the shortcuts and hacks we can get our hands on? Running a business is hard. Running a business that makes you enough money to pay the mortgage is even harder.

As our bills grow and our bank accounts dwindle we start to panic. All of this is going to fall apart if I don’t figure something out, and figure it out fast. That is why clickbait — that we know better than to believe — suddenly becomes believable. We need it to be believable. We need to figure this shit out. And, hey, that checklist looks promising. So we trade our email for a checklist that will not end up paying our bills. Over and over again.

The only people making quick money are those feeding off the desperation of small business owners and selling them the snake oil of our time — hacks.

Following this pattern of hopping from one shortcut to the next may satisfy our immediate need, but you will never be able to build a solid foundation in your field. You will learn how to skip ahead, but you will not learn the mental skill and discipline required to be fluid and flexible, traits that are requirements of any successful venture. Hacks and shortcuts only work in a vacuum. They only apply to one scenario, leaving you always on the lookout for the next hack to save you from drowning.

I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in being a follower. Hackers are not leaders nor innovators — they can only follow other people’s shortcuts. Persistence, patience, and resilience will beat gimmicky hacks every.single.time.

Persistence, patience, and resilience will be the qualities that separate you from the rest of the pack. Most people will not do what it takes to develop this way of thinking, making this level of commitment will immediately drive you to the top of the pack. No checklist required.

Set out to become the best in your field. Be the one all others look to for information and inspiration. Be the person that becomes immortalized for the innovations they’ve made in their area of expertise. Strive for greatness or settle for mediocrity. It’s up to you.


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