Engage, Affect, and Influence Your Audience

Seven scrolls are too many scrolls.

I opened an email this morning from a woman telling me I’m a powerhouse of manifestation.

I was intrigued.

Then I had to wade through the familiar script of emotionally provoking questions, A-HA! moments, a little cheerleading, and then four scrolls of promises.

It took seven scrolls down my iPhone screen to get to the point. That is too many scrolls. I’m bored by scroll two because it’s the SAME pattern.

Someone must be selling a fill in the blank template that is a cross between Mad Men and Richard Simmons.

If you can’t make your point in two or three scrolls, you are wasting the time and energy of your reader. This woman certainly made an impact since I remembered the email and have now written about it twice, but I don’t think it’s the impact she intended since I don’t remember her name.

Right now I have a back to school special on a Message Impact Website Review.

I go through your website front to back, top to bottom and run it through the Message Impact framework so your content will engage, affect, and influence your audience. You get a complete report with ready to apply recommendations within 30 days of your purchase.

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