Content is Queen

Give them a story worth telling.

Content isn’t just the words you put on your website, social media, or in your emails. It’s the energy behind the words, the relationships those words will build, and the stories your words will tell.

Consider Apple for a minute. Apple products are of similar quality to their competitors but I have yet to see anyone camping in front of a Microsoft store waiting to buy their latest device, have you? That is because Apple has turned consumers into fans by inviting them into a story about who they are.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have your sights set as high as Apple, but you do want people coming back for more, don’t you? And telling all their friends? Of course you do because to run a business is to make money — otherwise, you just have a hobby. To make money you need customers. To make LOTS of money you need customers to come back with their friends.

Or maybe this isn’t about business. Maybe this is about your legacy — the story you get to tell that will change the world around you.

Despite the glut of automated, digitized everything, connecting to your potential readers is getting harder. Why? Automation has left them lonely. They are tired of the hollowness behind automation. They CRAVE authentic interaction and the second they get a whiff of automation, they bounce out.

Done right, your content will give your audience what they long for. You will give them a story that changes their life.

What story are you telling?

Before you go, take this guide Simple Tips for Better Engagement. It will help you start the process of telling better stories.

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