Content is Queen

Content isn’t just the words you put on your website, social media, or in your emails. It’s the energy behind the words, the relationships those words will build, and the stories your words will tell.

Your content is your first chance to impress. If you create good stuff, they notice. If you create great stuff, they come back. If you invite them into a story they come back with their friends.

Isn’t that the goal of marketing? To bring people in and turn them into fans? To get them to tell your stories?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Think about Apple for a minute. Their products are arguably equivalent to other products out there. And yet, I have never seen anyone camping in front of a Microsoft store waiting to buy their latest device, have you? That is because Apple has turned consumers into fans by inviting them into a story about who they are.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have your sights set as high as Apple, but you do want people coming back for more, don’t you? And telling all their friends? Of course you do because to run a business is to make money — otherwise, you just have a hobby. To make money you need customers. To make LOTS of money you need customers to come back with their friends.

Despite the glut of automated, digitized everything, connecting to your potential customers is getting easier. Why? Automation has left them lonely. They are tired of the hollowness behind automation. They CRAVE authentic interaction.

Done right, your content will give your audience what they are asking for. Your content will engage them in an authentic way, affect their relationship with your message, and influence them to get on board.

If you want to build meaningful relationships that also make you money, I have a couple of things that will help.

First is a Website Review

There are a hundred other people offering the same thing you are. How are you going to make yourself stand out online and in their mind?

By telling the story they are hungry to hear — presented in a way that respects their time and energy. Do this and you are laying the foundation for a solid relationship.

So, let’s take a look at that site.

When you purchase a site review, I go through all the relevant material, top to bottom, front to back, and provide simple and effective feedback that you or your web designer can implement, immediately.

You get a fresh, snazzy site ready to engage and influence your customers. It’s almost like Tinder for businesses. Without the creepiness. And it’s only $450.

The second thing I have for you in your quest for solid customer relationships is

A Content Recharge

Since you’ve been doing this a little while now, you probably have a TON of content, both on the site and off.

Some of it will be stellar, some of it will totally suck, and some will be good but doesn’t reflect your current goals. As a business owner, you have been making adjustments to your whole process as you narrow your focus and increase your knowledge. Let’s make sure your content isn’t being left behind.

Instead of scrapping it all and starting over, which is time-consuming and EXPENSIVE, we can repurpose what you have with the goal of consistent, customer-focused messaging. Not only does this give you recharged content that you and your audience feel good about, but you also get templates to use in emails, newsletters, and on social.

It’s fresh, it’s fly, it’s on point, and it’s ready to use across all your channels — saving you a shit ton of time.

Get the last 45 days of your content recharged, repurposed, and repackaged $1495

Not ready for this level of commitment? No problem. Take this guide Simple Tips for Better Engagement before you go. It will help.

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