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sarah hadley short story

93% of businesses have an online presence, 78% of those are on social media.

That’s a lot of people fighting for attention. In order to make it in the digital age, we need to be online and we have to be heard. 

As folks like Ann Handley and Seth Godin tell us, CONTENT IS KING. In order for our readers to hear us over the other billion people on line, we have to say some good shit. We have to keep it fresh, relevant, and engaging. 

As if running your business wasn’t time consuming enough, now you have to post on social multiple times a day, write a blog post each week, and maintain relationships with your clients via email. 

Holy hell, that is a lot of words. 

Lucky for you, I am a skilled writer and an excellent story teller. (You can check out some of my stuff here)

When you finally decide enough is enough, get in touch. We can discuss how I can help you move your ideas on to paper…or the screen. We can work together for one project or one hundred, it’s up to you.

Does your website or blog engage your readers? I can help you out with a custom website (or blog) review. I will comb through your existing platform and provide useful and actionable feedback on what is working and what’s not — and what to do about it. 

Are you ready to launch? You’re going to need words for that. Promotions, social media blasts, email campaigns, and product descriptions, just to name a few. You’ve done the work of bringing your project to life and now you need to present it in a way that will capture your potential customer’s attention. 

There is a lot of noise out there, I will help you be heard. 

30 days, 30,000 words, one low price, and your product or service will be ready to capture the attention of your ideal client. Ready? So am I. Shoot me an email and we will get started. 

What? You don’t know who your ideal client is? Dude. We need to talk. 

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